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The Association  

Aims and strategy of the European Fireplaces Association

The EFA is committed to representing the interests of its members under ecological, economic, and social aspects. Together, we realise new, future-oriented ideas and create synergies. In order to achieve this, the EFA provides a strong common base for its members and represents economic and technical interests when dealing with political bodies, authorities, the public, and the European market.

The EFA has been in existence since 1996.

Following the motto "A strong partnership in Europe", about 40 European companies from the solid-fuel fireplace (and its components) sector are pursuing the same goals. It is hoped that communication and cooperation among the members in five different workgroups as well as collaboration with standard-setting committees will lead to standardised European regulations before long. In addition to this, new, even more environmentally friendly heating technologies are actively being researched in order to promote the use of solid fuels.

The EFA supports and advises its members

By concentrating its efforts and energies, the EFA gives companies in the fireplace sector a better market position.

Our sustainability concept


  • CO2-neutral heating
  • Low-emission combustion
  • Promotion of environmentally
    friendly fireplace technology


  • High-efficiency fireplaces
  • Heating with domestic
    renewable raw materials
  • Europe-wide standards


  • Promotion of individual heating concepts
  • Cost-efficient heating for future generations

Representation of interests regarding industry standards

  • Product and implementation standards for fireplaces
  • Active participation in domestic and European standard-setting committees

Representation of interests regarding technology

  • Exchanging experiences in all relevant fields
  • Advising the member companies in matters such as product certification
  • Establishing quality standards through the EFA Quality Seal