European Fireplaces Association
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  • Europäische Feuerstätten Arbeitsgemeinschaft e.V.
The European Association , or EFA for short, presently counts with 40 member companies in Europe
These leading manufacturers guarantee the best possible range of quality and performance standards to customers and consumers alike. Products marked with the EFA Quality Seal fulfill all norms stipulated in the European Fireplace Regulations. By becoming a member of EFA, all members have committed themselves to the highest possible standards of quality.

Quality pays off

EFA members value a top-quality standard and check their products thoroughly. Safety, environmental compatibility, and ease of use are the hallmarks of all the fireplaces we test.

The EFA Quality Seal

Customers who not only want to reduce their heating bill but also protect the environment should make sure that the fireplace they want to buy bears the EFA Quality Seal.