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The EFA Quality Seal  

Since its introduction, the EFA Quality Seal has consistently been gaining in importance


This seal ensures the consumer that a product is of a high quality and low in the emission of pollutants.
It is our goal that products bearing the EFA Quality Seal will be recognised in every EU member country as soon as possible.



The EFA Quality Seal stands for:


  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Environmental compatibility

The manufactures organised within the EFA place great value on a high standard of quality and check and test their products thoroughly.

The hallmarks of all approved fireplaces are safety, environmental compatibility, and ease of use.
Customers who not only want to lower their heating costs but would also like to protect the environment should look for the EFA Quality Seal. All fireplaces bearing this seal guarantee low-emission combustion and will continue to comply with the demands stipulated in the federal pollution control ordinance
(1. Bundesimmissionsschutzverordnung – 1. BImSchV), in force since 22 March 2010.

Environmentally compatible heating

Over 50 per cent of the energy consumed in Europe is used for heating purposes.
Approximately 40 per cent of the biomass consumed in Europe for heating purposes is burned in individual fireplaces. Such fireplaces play an important role in meeting the European Commission’s goal of increasing the share of renewable energies to 20 per cent by the year 2020.

The consumer wins across the board:

  • Comfortable and efficient heating systems
  • Low heating costs with security of supply
  • Direct contribution to CO2 reduction