At its spring conference in Leipzig, the European Fireplaces Association (EFA) addressed serious questions about the future of the industry.

  • Professional presentations provided an insight into questions about emissions and alternatives to wood as a fuel
  • Association responds to strong growth with new organisational structure

The spring conference of the European Fireplace Association brought the most important representatives of the oven, chimney and supplier industry to the premises of the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ) in the city of Leipzig from 15th to 16th May. The choice of location was no coincidence, as the chairman of the European industry association, Uwe Striegler, noted: “Questions about environment and health are the central issues of our industry. We represent an industry that takes its responsibilities seriously – there is no ‘business as usual’ for us!”

Dr. Ingo Hartmann from the German Biomass Research Centre (DBFZ) presented a scientific perspective of the emissions problem, and Rico Essbach from DBI provided vital insights into the conformity of wood fireplaces in the future. Topics also included perspectives on the issue of wood burning and beyond. Peter Havers, from the traditional manufacturer Faber, presented options of gas-fired alternatives. An interpreter was present for the international guests.
The association also presented its latest news. Since March, Dr. Johannes Gerstner and Dirk Böhringer have been active in representing the interests of the association. They have taken over from Dr. Heinrich Göddeke, who has retired due to old age. In future, the association will dedicate even more of its resources to political work and networking, while intensifying its technical cooperation on standardisation committees. The next important dates are the future workshop from 24th to 25th June in Leipzig and the autumn conference from 24th to 25th October in Berlin.

Der EFA-Vorstand in Leipzig: Dirk Böhringer (EFA-Interessenvertretung), Uwe Striegler (Vorstandsvorsitzender), Karlheinz Leuders, Ursula Gröbner (stellvertretende Vorsitzende), Jürgen Böhm, Horst Funda, Christian Droll, Daniel Leberger
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